How Fashion Videos Make You More Stylish

A single picture is equivalent to a thousand words! And just imagine how effective will be the moving pictures then? I need not emphasize the efficiency of active media. We all know that videos are very effective in communicating a message in its right spirit. Hollywood and Bollywood as well as the television industry – all are well aware of this fact and are making the best use of videos. Everyday you see hundreds of videos as advertisements on TV, cinema and even on Internet. Then why not make use of this very effective media- the videos, particularly fashion videos – to lend you some style and oomph!Fashion Videos- What are They and How to Use Them?There are many categories of fashion videosEvent Videos- These are the videos of fashion shows and other fashion events. For example, video of Lakme Fashion Week or Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week etc. You can always keep track of such videos that are out within two or three days of the event. These shows usually showcase the fashion trends for the coming season. As such, you have ample time to watch these videos and get your clothes stitched according to the latest designs and trends.Video Tutorials- These videos teach you some or the other trick. For example, there can be videos on learning basic skills like how to wear sarees, how to sew salwar kameez, or how to do make up for a party etc. If you are a novice, say, in wearing a saree, you will definitely learn the skill faster than when you try to do it on your own. After all, step-by-step instructions with live videos can make you understand the whole process more easily.Videos for New Fashion Concepts- There are creative minds in fashion industries too. In fact, fashion professionals are more creative than any other professionals as imagination is what spices up one’s personality. So, everyday one or the other things are invented like new ways of wrapping sarees, new style of wearing a bridal lehnga choli, or invention of waterproof salwar kameez! You can always use the ideas that are useful for you. For example, if you have to go to a friend’s wedding on a short notice and you are not able to custom made your lehenga choli, you will always learn to wrap a saree in ghagra style or in other novel ways like mermaid style etc. by watching a video that teaches to drape saree in novel ways.Fashion Analytical Video- These videos take forward some fashion issues or clarify some misconceptions about fashion styles. For example, I watched a video that clarified that Indian sarees can always be worn by foreign nationals who think that saree does not look good on their body types. The video also contained some fabulous photographs of American women in sarees- they actually looked stunning in saree! In this way the video helped in spreading the message that saree can look good on any woman of any country!